Information for Inpatient Visitors

Information for inpatient’s visitors There is a copy of the information booklet ‘Welcome to Katharine House Hospice Inpatient Unit’ beside the locker which you may wish to read. We encourage patients and families to treat the hospice as an extension of your own home - coming and going as you wish, and bringing in personal belongings such as photographs to make the patient’s area feel more homely. Our team will work closely with patients’ families, with the patient’s agreement, and share information. If you would like further information, or have any unvoiced worries, please do talk to a member of our team. Visiting Visitors are welcome at any time and you’re invited to stay for as long or as short a time as is helpful to you. Please be aware though that some patients can find too many visitors very tiring. If you’re a close family member or friend, you may like to be involved in nursing your family member in the hospice, or be happy at times to sit quietly whilst your relative sleeps. We are able to offer some accommodation for patients’ visitors to stay overnight if you wish to stay close to a loved one. Children Many patients find that children visiting brings happiness and normality, and children are very welcome at the hospice. We have toy and activity boxes that can be brought to the bedside on the inpatient unit, and a separate children’s activity room. Children can also enjoy the gardens, however, there are some hazards including a pond. We therefore ask that parents supervise their children at all times as we cannot accept any responsibility for their safety.